Little Elephant FREE pattern


This pattern makes a 5th pattern in my series “little buddies”. So far, it is the most detailed and best formatted pattern of mine.
As a doll, this baby can be done in less than an hour, just like all of the other buddies.
They are collectable little dolls everyone loves.
Small children will love them, they will hold them in their little hands, just like toddlers, who can play with all of them at once, this doll can help their imagination. Maybe is a zoo, or a happy family? Let them think of it. Also, teenagers will love them becouse they are small and can be used as a key chain. Adults will aaprecciate your work. Once you make it, they are a friend for a whole life.
I use them when i forget to buy a present, but i have some yarn☺

Skill level: ♥♡♡♡♡ (beginner

Out of materials and tolls you will need:

   • Crochet hook 3mm

   • 6mm safety eyes ( but you could also embroider eyes )

   • Yarn ( I used lanoso alara) 50%cotton 50%acrylic 
50g=140m C:955- P:209)

   • Stuffing

   • Some black and white embroidery thread

   • Nedlee


   • Sc- single crochet

   • MR- magic ring

   • Dec- decrease

   • Inc- increase

   • St, sts- stitch, stitches

   • Hdc- half double crochet

   • Hdc-inc- halfdouble crochet increase (2 hdc in 1 st)

   • Icord

   • Number in () is the number of sts at the end of each row

   • Sts in are repeating

It is also available on Ravelry, it is beautifully formated, add-free, a lots of pictures  that explain how to make this beautiful doll. 
And, it comes with pattern for clothes! Yeah! And the best thing is that it is FREE.
If you want it, simply click here and download it!

(this picture is blurred for a reason, it is clear when you download it)

So, lets start!


First we make one leg, and then we make the other one, and, without cutting the yarn, continue to the body.

R1: in MR 6sc (6)

R2-R4 : sc all around (6)



R1: SC6, ch1, (in the other leg) sc 6 (13) 

R2: 3sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 2 sc (11)

R3: [sc] all around

R4: 3sc, dec, 4sc, dec (9)

R5& R6: sc all around (9)

start stuffing the body, keep stuffing as you go

R7:  [sc, dec] x3 (6)

R9: [inc] all around (12)

R10: [sc, inc] all around  (18)

R11: sc 13,ch2, skip 2 sts ( to make a hole) sc3 (18)

R12& R13: [sc] all around (18)

R14: [sc, dec] all around (12)

Put safety eyes between  R12 an R13, 3 sts apart, so that that hole we made if in the middle


R15:[dec] all around (6)

FO, and sew the remaining hole 


₪For the arms, we will use the i-cord technique, if you are new to this technique, you can find some tutorials, but, if you still need it, you can ask me, I will be happy to help you!

R1: ch3, [put a hook into a loop, YO, pull trough]x2 ( you should have 3 loops on your hook, this step looks like knitting a little bit)

R2&R3: drop 2 loops (hold them thigh, if you let them go, you wouldn’t be able to catch them, and that would be a catastrophe) YO, pull trough, put your hook into 1s1 dropped loop, YO, pull trough, put a hook into2nd dropped loop, YO, pull trough (you should still have 3 loops on your hook)

To fasten off, just YO and pull trough all 3 loops.

Sew it on a doll


attach the yarn to the hole you made in head, and sc 6 ( 2sc in the other side of a ch, sc on the side, dc2 in the scs, sc1 on side) (6)

R1&R2: sc6 (6)

Fasten of, do not sew a hole, leave it open, wave in the end



R1: sc 6 in MR (6)

R2: [inc] all around (12)

R3: sc1, inc, hdc1, hdc-inc [sc1, inc] x4 (18)

Fo and leave a tail for sewing   

You are done! if you need photos, one again, you can download a printable PDF pattern with photo instructions

i hope you liked it 


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